Loan Programs

No Consumer Loans.

Interest Only & Amortized

Loan to values are based of independent third-party broker opinions or appraisals, and the above values may be exceeded depending on the loan specifics.
Lower LTV loans can qualify for a lower rate and cost. Higher LTV loans may require a higher rate and cost.

Loan Criteria

California Properties Only

First Trust Deeds Only

Non-Owner Occupied & Business Purpose Only

Why Cal Pac Capital?

Low Documentation

Close in as little as 3 days

Loans may contain a higher interest rate, points and fees than other products requiring documentation.

The above rates and points are a starting point for 1st trust deed loans.  Specific loan amounts, rates, fees, loan to values, and other terms may vary, and can only be provided after a complete file review upon receipt of additional documents and information. The above interest rates reflect the simple annual interest rates.
The APR for the rates reflected above are 8%=9.98%APR, 9%=11.03%APR, 10%=12.07%APR, 11%=13.11%APR, with the following assumptions made: $1,000,000 loan amount, 24 month term, interest only, 2 points to Cal Pac Capital, 1 point to originating broker, $2,500 in Cal Pac Capital fees, and 15 days per diem interest.  Cal Pac Capital does not offer owner-occupied residential, or consumer loans.  Referring mortgage brokers protected.