Family Office Services

Cal Pac Capital is continually looking to form long term relationships with our SFO/MFO clients.

Our unobstructed focus, industry expertise, and insight into your family’s current and future goals makes us the ideal investment partner. We offer our SFO/MFO partners an array of alternative real estate investments tailored to their exact needs.

Value-Add Real Estate

Construction/Rehabilitation/Repositioning of commercial & residential assets

Opportunistic Real Estate

Purchase discounted real estate (or secured promissory notes) from distressed sellers

Core Buy & Hold RE

Acquire trophy assets in prime locations and hold for long term appreciation and monthly cash flow

Participation Loans

Equity-based loans secured by first & second trust deeds on residential & commercial investment properties

Tax Advantaged Investing Solutions

1031 Exchange; Delaware Statutory Trust; Self Directed Accounts (SEP IRA, SOLO 401K)